It began in Chicago in the early 1950s, on the city’s South and West sides. Chicken n' fish shacks, hot dog stands, Italian beef joints – using what they had around their kitchens developed different variations of a ketchup-based condiment that would revolutionize a city’s culinary landscape. Some spicier with a peppery flair, others tangier with a tinge of honey – but a consistent flavor profile across all versions allowed Chicago-style ‘Mild Sauce’ to stand alone. Ask anyone who grew up in the Windy City how they order their fried chicken and you may get a difference in opinion. Some might tell you "wings, lemon pepper and fries". Others will say "3-piece dark, fried hard with a pizza puff". But one thing all Chicagoans and Chicago transplants have in common is that their order better come with "extra Mild Sauce".


Knowing how displaced Chicagoans miss the flavor of their youth, and current residents want it in their homes for all occasions, we put a plan in action to bring our take on that classic flavor to kitchens everywhere. Sampling dozens of variations from all sides of the city, we built and perfected our own recipe before bottling it for consumers, restaurants and grocers. That Mild Sauce is now carried all over the country and has been shipped to 45 states + Washington DC and counting.


16 fl oz bottles of That Mild Sauce are available for consumers in two-packs, six-packs and twelve-packs. Additionally, we offer both restaurants and consumers That Mild Sauce by the 64 fl oz jug. Order today!